LiPLU Set Lip Care Device – Rosa

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LiPLU Set Lip Care Device – Rosa

Sensitive lips that tend to crack or crack should be groomed from the inside out. LIPLU is a proprietary program that creates an ideal permeability that allows lip care from the inside. The program helps maintain texture, color and shape – the key aspects that determine the beauty and health of the lips. **** The following people should not use this product. This could lead to injuries with possible skin or body problems. – People who are prone to allergies. – Persons with skin diseases or atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin. – People with a hemorrhagic disease, hemophilia or other blood disorder. – Persons who can not explain their own intentions, persons who are paralyzed or have a perception disorder. – To ensure that the product is used properly, read the operating instructions carefully before use. Specifications are subject to change and improvement without notice.

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